Metanoia (2015)

Metanoia is a MA Digital Effects group project — a VFX film depicting an amputee woman mystically recovering her lost limbs.

  • Team credits (VFX & Cinematography):

  • Nicolas M. Rolke
  • Alican Görgeç
  • Sean Hedman
  • Anuva Iyer
  • Kine Marie Sætereng
  • Felix C. C. Chan

Personal Contribution
The creation of the growth special effects, material and rendering of the blood vessels.

The creation and the animation of the arm rig for shot 5 in order to deform and rotate the bones, muscles and blood vessels according to the movement of the actress as the growth effects happen.

The creation of various accurately animated dummy models of the actress and the wheelchair.
The blood vessels were accomplished through a VEX driven procedural animation setup in Houdini which simulated the growth of a complex, organic and vinelike structure by driving a single starting point known as a “seed” to spread through a 3D space populated by destination points known as “foods”.

A seed looks for the closest “food” in a search area, moves towards it and leaves a trail of points behind. Once a “food” point is consumed, the “seed” duplicates itself and search for their nearest targets respectively. The final result of which is a structure which is similar to the organic shape of the human blood vessels. This is a good technique to employ for this project because by generating “food” points from the bones and muscles geometry, the blood vessels can grow precisely according to the shape of the arm.

The density of the blood vessels on different part of the arm were matched to reference material by dividing the arm geometry into segments and distributing different amount of “food” points.

All dummy geometries were created in Blender and rigged and animated in Houdini.


  • Bournemouth University