Felix C.C. Chan
VFX Portfolio

FX Artist / FXTD at
Double Negative Visual Effects

Graduate of MA Digital Effects 2014-2015
National Centre of Computer Animation,
Bournemouth University

Specialist in
Houdini      Maya




Primary FX, procedural animation and look dev tool. Experienced with Digital Assets creation.

Autodesk Maya

Secondary animation and look dev tool. Preferred tool for modelling, character rigging and non-procedural animation.

Foundry Nuke

Primary 2D compositing, rotoscoping and colour grading tool.


Secondary build tool. Experienced in Cycles Render Engine and physically based surfacing.

Adobe After Effects

Primary tool for editing and 2D motion graphics ,and secondary tool for compositing.

Autodesk Mudbox

Primary sculpting and texturing tool.

Unity 5

Some experience with scene set-up, incorporation of assets and animation from external 3D packages, Shader Forge and scripting in C#.

Adobe Flash

Industrial experience in programming for Flash games and flash-powered mobile applcations.

Programming Skills

Programming skills in C# and Python: Digital assets creation in Houdini; scripting for video games etc.

Industrial Experience

  • Film VFX:

  • Star Trek Beyond (2016)
  • Dunkirk (2017)
  • Companies (Visual Effects and Animation):

  • Double Negative
  • ITV
  • Objective Productions
  • Virgin Racing
  • Finer Vision
  • Junior Police Call